EP5. From Doubt to Confidence: Cultivating Self-Worth with Courtney Durr

In this episode, I talk with Courtney Durr, a self-worth coach and Founder of Worthwild, who helps women cultivate a kinder, more healthy relationship with themselves.

We talk about Courtney’s journey with self-worth and confidence, why she believes it’s so important, and so much more!

Throughout the conversation, I also interweave the teachings from Courtney with the corporate working world so you can understand all the different ways self-worth might show up for you. 

You will also learn about:

  • How self-worth and confidence are connected
  • The difference between self-worth and worthiness 
  • What signals might indicate a low self-worth
  • Why it's important to notice how different environments make you feel
  • Courtney’s top tips for cultivating self-worth right now
  • How movement can support your mental health and wellbeing
  • Courtney’s mindset reminder to boost confidence
  • Courtney’s biggest boundary that supports her

Self-worth is the foundation to how you cultivate and build confidence, so have a listen and let Courtney and/or myself know what you think and what you’re going to put into action first!

Before we wrap up, I'd like to leave you with a tool that will help you apply the wisdom you've gained from our conversation today. I've created a Self-Reflection Guide designed to assist you in your journey towards enhanced self-worth and confidence.  If you've resonated with our discussion about cultivating self-worth, this guide will be a valuable companion. Click here to download your FREE copy now

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Resources Mentioned
[Download] Journaling Workshop by Courtney Durr
[Download] Self-Reflection Guide by Tash Pieterse

[book] ‘The Big Leap’, by Gay Hendricks
[book] Atomic Habits, by James Clear

Connect with Courtney
Website: www.worthwild.co
Instagram: @worthwild.co
TikTok: worthwildcoach

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Website: tashpieterse.com
Instagram: @tash_pieterse
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