EP 7. Building a Badass Career with Rosie McCarthy

⚡What does it mean to have a Badass Career?
⚡Is it all about Passion? OR Is it about Purpose?
⚡How do I actually have a career that I really love?

All of these questions are answered by the incredible Rosie McCarthy, CEO of Badass Careers in this week's episode of Lead with Less.

Rosie’s purpose behind Badass Careers is leading a movement dedicated to helping goal-getting professionals figure out what they want in their careers and then make it happen.

Rosie shares her own badass career story, and how you can go from feeling stuck and under-utilised to doing work you love. 

In this episode you will learn about:

  • What it means to have a badass career
  • Why you need to follow your purpose over your passion 
  • How to differentiate between purpose and passion
  • The biggest reasons people want to change their careers
  • Why self-awareness is a key ingredient for career fulfilment
  • The number one thing successful people have behind them
  • Rosie's mindset reminder to boost your confidence


Having a career you love, that uses all of your strengths and aligns with the impact you want to have in the world is something you are ENTITLED to have. It takes the clarity to know what you want and the courage to take action and create it for yourself.

If you want to take the next step in your career, reach out and let's talk about coaching together. I've empowered so many professionals to align their careers with who they really are and have gone on to be incredibly successful, based on their own definitions! You can contact me here. 

Career By Design - 5-Week Course 

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