EP 9. Pushing Boundaries & Challenging the Status Quo with Emma Kirkman

In this episode, I talk to Emma Kirkman, founder of Anywhere Culture and a passionate culture transformation practitioner on a mission to help liberate organisations from traditional thinking.

Emma has global experience across a range of industries including technology, banking, financial services, entertainment, retail and government. She loves using her swiss-army skill set of human centred design, agile, lean change, leadership coaching and team facilitation to fire-up people and organisations towards their vision of success.

This conversation ended up being so much more than I imagined and we talked about all of the ways she has pivoted, re-invented and upskilled herself to move through different phases and chapters of her life adapting to the world around her.

It’s an amazing episode, so I hope you enjoy it!


You will learn about:

  • Emma’s career path and how she got to where she is today
  • Emma’s definition of a successful life and career 
  • Ways to shift in business as the world changes
  • Why it’s important to think about your personal value drivers
  • What it means to live a more ‘harmonised’ life
  • How you can push the boundaries and challenge the status quo
  • Ways to overcome your self-limiting beliefs
  • How to be brave and lean into your bigness

Resources Mentioned
Self-Reflection Guide to developing a growth mindsetReboot Challenge - sign up here

Connect With Emma
Website: www.anywhereculture.com
Instagram: @anywhere_culture
LinkedIn: Emma Kirkman
Emma’s Podcast: GATHR

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Website: tashpieterse.com