EP 15. Burnt Out and In Pain to Thriving and Successful with Lotty Roberts

From the moment I decided to start the podcast, I knew I wanted to have Lotty Roberts on the show to talk about her mindfulness journey, and share practices that can help you thrive in this ever changing landscape of life.

Lotty is the founder of MiND.U, a business that helps individuals and workplaces flourish from the inside out. She has 25 years of experience leading and coaching people through large scale change and transformation programmes, and during her own leadership journey, Lotty discovered the power of mindfulness to help navigate her own challenges and change. Such as postnatal depression, chronic pain, a double hip replacement and corporate burnout. 

Lotty uses a combination of ancient practices, the latest science and research, as well as her own personal and career experience in the work she does, and I know you’re going to gain so much from listening to her!

In this episode you will learn about:

  • What signals might show up to indicate a change is needed

  • Why ‘contentment’ is often undersold 

  • How you may feel when you're content or discontent

  • Why the practice of mindfulness is so powerful

  • The importance of your own inner knowing

  • What it really means to let go and surrender

  • Lotty’s go to practices when you’re feeling low/out of alignment

I’d love to know what you thought after hearing about Lotty’s journey with Mindfulness and if you’re going to try any of the practices she shared. Send me a message on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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Resources Mentioned
The Emotional Culture Deck - see here

Connect With Lotty
Website: www.mindu.co.nz
LinkedIn: Lotty Roberts
Instagram: @lotty.roberts

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Website: tashpieterse.com
Instagram: @tash_pieterse
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