EP 17. Understanding Your Mental Load and Practicing CLEAN Rest with Michelle Weeks

In this episode I speak with Michelle Weeks, a Life & Mindset Coach supporting mums to understand and lighten their mental load. 

This is a pivotal episode as life gets fuller and busier. Being able to manage, clear out and better reset is going to be hugely beneficial for everyone moving forward. 

Michelle also hosts the A Mother's Mind podcast, a candid podcast for mums exploring mindset, mental load and motherhood and is the creator of A Mother's Mind Membership, and one-to-one coaching opportunities. 

In this episode you will learn about:

  • What led Michelle to do what she does now
  • What mental load actually is and how its relevant for everyone
  • The key signs that your mental load might not be at a healthy level
  • What clean rest is and how you can practise it
  • How mental load impacts the ability to have clean rest
  • How your life might change with mental offloading and clean rest
  • Michelle’s top tips to better support your mental load

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Connect With Michelle
Website: www.michelleweeks.com.au
Instagram: @michelle.c.weeks