Set Supportive Boundaries Workshop

Unlock the Power of Boundaries and Transform Your Life!

Imagine living a life where you even more confidently navigate challenges, honour and respect your needs, and have more meaningful and fulfilled relationships.

Setting supportive boundaries is the game-changing practice that will bring this to life, and here's why:

Unlock more freedom
Learn how boundaries empower you to take control of your time, energy, and happiness. Say goodbye to being overwhelmed and embrace more spaciousness, calm, and joy.

Strengthen Your Relationships
Find out how boundaries can enhance your relationships by creating open communication, mutual respect, and healthier interactions. Say goodbye to unspoken expectations and hello to deeper connections.

Cultivate Self-Respect
Prioritise your wellbeing without guilt. This workshop will guide you through how boundaries nurture self-respect and why strengthening yours leads to more respectful interactions with everyone around you.

Achieve Your Goals and Vision
Learn how setting supportive boundaries will enable and empower you to achieve your goals and vision with more ease and calm. Less overwhelm and chaos, more fulfillment and satisfaction.

What's Included:

Pre-Recorded Workshop
A workshop recorded that covers everything you need to know to start setting supportive boundaries, with breaks to reflect, consider, and set practical actions to create immediate change.

You will have access to an audio only file as well to download and listen to on the go if you would prefer that.

Real Life Insights
I share real-life examples, stories, insights and actionable steps to set and communicate boundaries effectively that will make it feel achievable and powerful.

Boundary Communication Guide
You will receive an additional guide that outlines the boundary setting framework step by step, with prompts to help you communicate with others, and examples for different contexts to guide your thinking.

Lifetime Access*
Once you purchase the workshop, it's yours to keep. Revisit it as many times as you need, allowing your growth to expand and deepen over time. *Lifetime meaning for as long as the workshop is active and available.

Remember, the path to a better blended, empowered, and fulfilling life starts with boundaries and choosing what's best for you and your life.

Take advantage of this workshop and start setting supportive boundaries for your life, career, and dreams!

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to email me at [email protected]

I look forward to guiding you to live your best life as your best self!


$59.00 NZD