The People Leadership Coach

Hey, I'm Tash!

Making leading people feel easier and simpler without added fluff.


Add Great Value

Create a strong leadership identity and value add mindset that overcomes overwhelm and self-doubt.

Make an Impact

Get the skills to influence, have courageous conversations, and give  feedback. Make an impact on the people around you.

Empower People

Develop emotional intelligence, regulation, and coaching skills. Help others become the best versions of themselves.

Learn exactly what you need to Lead so you can create the best outcomes and results.

No matter what industry, business, community, group, or context - if you lead people in anyway, you need the people leadership skills that add value, make an impact, and empower people.

If you want to be a Leader who has what it takes, that people want to follow, that drive results, let's work together and make it happen.

Work With Me

Client Success Stories

Alex Hagan, Futurist & Workforce Strategist

"It's fair to say that as someone in their 40's who's been in leadership positions since their 20's, it does feel a little odd to broadcast that I hired someone to coach me in life and leadership.

Some might say I should have figured those two things out by now. But ego aside... Tash has a way of making the vulnerable easy to talk through and work through to get clarity and conviction.

Working with Tash levelled me up in a number of ways in both my personal and professional life. If world class athletes have coaches, then I reckon if you want to be a world class leader or live a world class life, then you probably should too. And Tash is a world class coach."

Elise Wilson, Senior Employment Lawyer


“Coaching with Tash has been absolutely invaluable. I have learnt so much around developing confidence in myself and my abilities, building a career vision and developing good wellbeing practices in my life.

The results of this are that I have been empowered to side step imposter syndrome, learn tools to manage and beat stress, take better care of myself by doing more of the things that I love, and learn the tools to have more courageous conversations."


Hi, I'm Tash Pieterse.

Internationally certified coach, Leader, and Mother


I work with ambitious leaders who want to build their capability, confidence, and courage to be the Leaders they always wanted and that the world needs.

Right now, we need leaders that are ready for what's coming, who know things are changing and are ready to change with them.

Is it you?

I've got the papers too. A Bachelor of Business Management Studies in HR and Strategic Management, a Diploma in Positive Psychology (Distinction), plus Dare to Lead Trained.

I also have proven experience working with leaders since 2011, so I can help you get the skills you need to be the Leader you want to be.


Ways to Work with Me

V.I.P Leaders

A 12-week online group coaching programme that bridges the gap between where you are and being an effective and successful Leader.

Designed for anyone who leads people and wants to become even better.

If that's you, come find out more!


Leadership Coaching

Powerful, intentional, and impactful 1-on-1 coaching sessions for established people leaders. Gain clarity, purpose and focus. Break through the mental blocks that are holding you back.

If you want to go further without burning out, this one is for you!


Thriving New Professionals

A powerful 6 week online group coaching programme for organisations to run for their new professionals  who are in their first 1-4 years that bridges the gap between academic study and excelling in the professional world.

Want your graduates to be the best? This programme is a game changer.


 Speaking & Workshops

Hire me to speak at your conference or run a workshop for your team. My topics will empower your people to explore their own ways of thinking be open to new ideas and embrace the possibilities. Let's challenge the status quo! 

I'm not boring, trust me. Want change? Book a workshop!


Recognise your value, shift your mindset, gain confidence and become the Leader you know you can be.


What Leader are You?

Find out where your leadership skills and experience currently sits so you can become the Leader you want to be.

Complete the quiz to find out your current leadership level, your strengths, areas for growth, and suggestions to help develop your skills to be the Leader you always wanted and that the world really needs.

The best way to develop is to know where you currently stand.

Learn more by completing the quiz!