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What's holding you back from being the leader you're capable of being?

Imposter syndrome.

These three gremlins will stop you in your tracks as a leader. They’ll cripple your confidence and make you question your abilities. 

If you’re feeling like:

  • You have no control over your days and how to get everything you need - done
  • You are losing your sense of purpose and connection to what you do and why
  • You're living life from a place of fear
  • The joy and passion you once felt have just *poof*.... disappeared

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Get ready to step forward and take control of your life.


Life is not meant to be a relentless set of challenges that drains you and make you feel inadequate. 

It’s meant to be a rewarding and fulfilling journey in which you have the tools and strength to help you thrive.

That’s what my Self Empowerment Framework for Leadership is designed to help you do. 

Through one-on-one coaching, we'll work together to identify the root cause of what is holding you back as a leader.

We'll remove your self-limiting beliefs and set goals with intention based on what you most want and need.

Lead more powerfully with the Self Empowerment Framework for Leadership  

Step into the life you want and deserve with intent, clarity and confidence. 

Become the organised, energised leader you know you are and that your team can count on without the overwhelm, burnout or imposter syndrome.

This framework is about aligning your mindset, emotions and actions.

⚡ Your mindset is how you see the world and what you believe about yourself.

⚡ Your emotions are how you experience everything in life and make decisions.

⚡ Your actions are how you create moves and follow through on commitments. 

Aligning these three aspects of yourself enables you to create and live the most intentional and authentic life possible. 
It empowers you to show up fully and be the best version of yourself aligned with what’s important to you.

Together, we get clear on what it means and looks like for your mindset, emotions and actions to be in alignment, and then we make a plan and commit to bringing this to life.

What we'll work on together as we go through the framework:

Understanding your mindset and making it work for you

Our inner thoughts, beliefs and perspectives are the frames through which we see ourselves and the world. When we believe and trust in ourselves, anything is possible.

Building your confidence and eliminating imposter syndrome

When we undermine ourselves, we hinder our success and set ourselves up for failure. Learn the tools you need to eliminate imposter syndrome. 

Defining your vision and values, so you are driven by a clear purpose

Our values define our vision. Create your own vision statements with the confidence to action them with accountability and self-compassion.

Developing boundaries resilience so you don’t succumb to overwhelm

Having the confidence to trust yourself to set boundaries will fortify your resilience and provide a solid foundation for self-care and mental well-being.

Giving clear, effective feedback that empowers your team and gets results

Give your team the opportunity for growth and success. Learn how to give and receive confident and effective feedback without fear or uncertainty. 

Making a bigger impact by being able to have courageous conversations

Create an open space for courageous conversations so you and your team can speak candidly and listen openly. Get the tools to lead your team to make a positive impact without second-guessing.

Tapping into your emotional intelligence so you can make better decisions

Cultivating self-awareness is the cornerstone for high-level emotional intelligence. Learn how to self-reflect and objectively evaluate your actions and thoughts - this will empower you to become the leader of your life.

Developing your coaching skills so you can powerfully mentor your team members

Setting clear expectations and being an active, open listener are traits of a successful, effective leader. Developing active coaching skills will demonstrate your intuitive mentorship capabilities.

Delivering successful one-on-ones that build trust

Being able to confidently navigate a one-on-one is a powerful and effective skill set that will set you and your team up for success. Removing debilitating self-doubt will free you from the negative mindset that is holding you back. 

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What clients say...

Alex Hagan, Futurist

"It's fair to say that as someone in their 40's who's been in leadership positions since their 20's, it does feel a little odd to broadcast that I hired someone to coach me in life and leadership.

Some might say I should have figured those two things out by now. But ego aside... Tash has a way of making the vulnerable easy to talk through and work through to get clarity and conviction.

Working with Tash levelled me up in a number of ways in both my personal and professional life. If world class athletes have coaches, then I reckon if you want to be a world class leader or live a world class life, then you probably should too. And Tash is a world class coach."

Laura Tretheway, CEO People Ninjas

“I had lost myself in the craziness of life. I felt exhausted, undervalued and indecisive. I wanted to feel like myself again - confident and passionate.

Tash helped me to reconnect with who I am, what's truly important to me, and enabled me to find clarity amongst what was an incredibly messy and turbulent time in my life. She was incredibly supportive, kind and challenged me to think differently.

My whole mindset has shifted and as a result, I have seen my life continue to improve. I have more energy (I get up earlier, even though I am not a morning person!), the work I'm doing is aligned with what I value, and most importantly, I feel like myself for the first time in a long time. I am confident that I have the tools I'll need to stay on a path that's right for me, and know what to do if I feel lost/stuck again.

I cannot recommend Tash enough - having a coach is a worthwhile investment into the most important influencer in your life - you!”

How it works...

Clarity Call

A 30-minute call to explore your clarity questionnaire and to see if we are the right fit.

Coaching Sessions

Powerful and laser focused fortnightly hour-long coaching sessions to empower you to achieve your goals.

Support & Resources

Get the recorded sessions, unlimited coaching in Slack plus any resources and worksheets to keep you on track.

Coaching Options

3 month coaching series


+ GST (if paid for by a business)

  • Six hour-long coaching sessions
  • Session recordings
  • Unlimited coaching between sessions in Slack
  • Resources and materials to support your goals
  • Access to trainings related to your goals
  • Access to The Leaders Lounge events during your series
  • Payment plans available (2, 3 or 4 month options)

4 month coaching series


+ GST (if paid for by a business)

  • Eight hour-long coaching sessions
  • Session recordings
  • Unlimited coaching between sessions in Slack
  • Resources and materials to support your goals
  • Access to trainings related to your goals
  • Access to The Leaders Lounge events during your series
  • Payment plans available (2, 3 or 4 month options)

Becoming a more impactful leader will set you up for success in every aspect of your life. Are you ready to step into the life you've always wanted?Let’s go!


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