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My talks and workshops are focused on empowering individuals to dig into and challenge their own thinking.

I encourage people to be curious about new ideas and help them get clear on their values and vision for their lives.

I am available to speak at your conference, convention or in-house learning and development workshop. Bespoke workshops are also available on request.

Topics I speak about

Master Your Mindset

Understand your mindset and how it's shaped. Learn how to rewire it to a way of thinking that is supportive and empowering with practical tools.

Side-Step Imposter Syndrome into Confidence

Tips and tricks to help you identify and work through imposter syndrome thinking while building inner confidence. Become more tenacious, proactive and willing to embrace opportunities without self-doubt.

Have Powerful and Courageous Conversations

Get prepared to have and take part in difficult conversations with colleagues, managers and people in your personal life. Build trust in a safe and confident space that promotes positive communication.

Give and Receive Clear and Effective Feedback

Release your past negative experiences by giving and receiving feedback. Learn how to leave the ego at the door while giving and receiving feedback that is constructive and empowering and let the rest go.

Increase Your Resilience and Energy

Learn how to manage, master and balance your energy usage and input while identifying and better-utilising stress and setting solid supportive boundaries that help you be your best.

Create Certainty in the Uncertain

Learn how to stay ahead of fear and develop resilience to help you navigate uncertainty and change. We explore mindset tools to help you be more present without worrying about the future.

Become a Coaching Leader

Become an empowering Leader with coaching tools and strategies that will enable you to bring out the best and highest potential from your team.

What people are saying...

Kiri Shuker, People & Culture Manager - Ignite Architects

"Tash ran a brilliant session for our team about creating your own certainty in uncertain times and maintaining resilience to keep moving forward. The team gave lots of brilliant feedback about her session. Tash is a first-class natural presenter who delivers messages that land and make a difference to people's lives. She coaches in a kind way that enables people to widen their paradigms and grow into more successful/happier people."

 Emily - Imposter Syndrome Session

Thank you Tash, you made it so relatable and personally meaningful. It feels great walking away knowing that while I’ve had years of practice of the old ways of thinking, I can take small, actionable steps every day to chip away and practice a new mindset.

Nikki Pike, HR Advisors Conference MC

Tash was like a long cool drink of serenity. Her presentation provided solid practical tips on how to be more true to yourself; in the moment and for the long haul. I loved it. The attendees were highly engaged on a ‘calm’ platform. I would definitely
recommend Tash for future conferences.

 Attendee, HR Advisors Conference

“She shared good reminders to set up professional boundaries to enable us to bring out our best self at work, a topic we should really explore more often and earlier on in our career instead of leaving it until we are burnt out.”

 Hayden, HR Advisors Conference

“I want to say after listening to fast talking people throwing information at you for 2 days, it was great to hear from someone who talked calmly and with pause. I found your talk very relaxing and informative”

If you’d like to contact me about an upcoming speaking or workshop opportunity, hit the link below and I’ll aim to reply within 48 hours.


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