EP2. Embracing Your Unique Version of Success

Success is often something that is externally driven and a definition that we’ve taken from someone else.

BUT, is that the truth of success for YOU?

In this episode, I talk about why we need to redefine success and how to create your own unique version of it. 

You will also learn about:

  • How success varies across individuals
  • The negative consequences of a narrow success definition
  • What comparisons might be doing to you and how to navigate it
  • Why it’s important to focus on how you want to FEEL vs LOOK
  • Where your mindset of success might come from
  • Simple practices that will help you align with your values

 How YOU define success for yourself and your life really really matters - because how you define it will dictate the actions you take to bring it to life.

Have a listen to the episode and reflect on your own success definition and if needed, consider what tweaks might be needed to create a more aligned successful life that FEELS good to YOU.

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