EP3. Unleash Your Awesome by Using Your Strengths with Daria Williamson

In this episode I chat with Daria Williamson, a fellow coach who specialises in strengths based coaching. Her Zone of Genius is helping other people to find theirs, whilst discovering new ways to live and work from their strengths so that they feel more energised and engaged.

Over her years of coaching, Daria has designed and launched her own strengths card deck that she uses to help her clients unlock their potential, and has also recently become a published author with her book ‘Unleash Your Awesome’.

Throughout the episode you will learn about:

  • What it means to be strengths based
  • How your strengths can help you create more success 
  • Why your “weaknesses” are not a bad thing
  • What reputation strengths are and how they might make you feel
  • Why you should play and experiment with your strengths
  • How you know when you are in your Genius
  • The importance of creating healthy work boundaries
  • Why certifications aren’t always a good measure of your expertise
  • What ‘Golden Hours’ are and how they can enhance your productivity
  • Daria’s top tips for implementing a strengths based approach to work and life

If you want to create your life harnessing your strengths, this episode is for you! Have a listen and let me know and/or Daria know what you think and what you're going to put into action!

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Resources Mentioned
Strengths deck website: strengthsdeck.com
Strengths Deck Facebook:  TheStrengthsDeck
Strengths Deck Instagram:  @thestrengthsdeck
[Book] Unleash Your Awesome, by Daria Williamson

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Website: dariawilliamson.com
LinkedIn: dariawilliamson
Facebook:  DariaWilliamsonNZ
Instagram:  @thedariawilliamson

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