EP 42. Power of Part-Time with Belinda Morgan

This week I dive into the world of part-time work with Belinda Morgan, an author, coach, and flexible work specialist. Belinda has seen firsthand how cultures that glorify overwork and prioritise profits above all else can be highly damaging to people’s wellbeing, productivity and results.

Belinda shares insights from her personal and professional journey, highlighting the benefits of part-time work for individuals, organisations, and the economy. She discusses the barriers to embracing part-time work and offers practical advice for both individuals and organisations looking to make the shift towards flexible arrangements.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Insights into the current state of the workforce and why we're at a critical point
  • The biggest obstacles individuals face when considering part-time work
  • Common doubts and fears that may arise when pursuing part-time work
  • How individuals, organisations, and the economy can benefit from flexible arrangements
  • How to make part-time work successful for you
  • Strategies for people leaders and organisations to embrace part-time roles

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Website: www.belindamorgan.com
LinkedIn: Belinda C Morgan

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