EP 8. Navigating the Transition: Five Shifts I had to Make Returning to Work

In this episode I talk about my newest season, parenthood, and how I have been navigating the transition back into work.
It has definitely been one of the most challenging times I have had so far so there was a need to be really intentional about how I navigated this shift and the biggest things I needed to change in my mindset AND the way I worked.

This episode can also apply to any transition you might be going through in life, and what you may need to look at in order to reevaluate and make more aligned decisions.


You will also learn about:

  • Why I had to redefine my measure of success
  • What it might feel like when your direction shifts
  • Why I believe ‘priority’ and clear objectives are so critical
  • How you can create reasonable expectations of yourself
  • The importance of self-compassion and support
  • How making simple changes can help you reconnect with your joy


Transitions aren’t always easy, even if they are ones you really want, so I hope this episode offers some insights that can help you in yours.

If you are finding a transition in your life really challenging right now and would like support, accountability and a cheerleader in your corner, reach out and let's see if working together would be a great fit. You can connect with me here.

Let me know what you think and what you’re putting into practice once you’ve listened!


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