EP 14. Comparison Shift: Moving from Envious to Empowered

In this episode I talk about comparisons and how you can shift any feelings of envy into empowerment. I also dive into comparison psychology so that you can get a better understanding overall.


You will also learn about:

  • Why we compare ourselves to others
  • The difference between ‘upward’ and ‘downward’ comparisons 
  • How to powerfully reflect and shift comparisonitis 
  • Why it’s important to know what you really want
  • How to use comparison as a driver
  • Why you should look at your gains vs your gaps
  • How to decrease where your comparison flares up 

Remember, this is a practice and it takes time, but the information I share in this episode will help you become more conscious of comparison and ultimately better at overcoming any negative feelings that arise when comparing yourself to others. 

If you found this episode valuable I’d love to hear from you. Please get into touch, let me know what you think, and pass it on to anyone that would benefit. 


Resources mentioned
Ep2 - Embracing Your Unique Version of Success
Ep4 - The Mindset Reset: Rewiring Your Thinking for Positive Change


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