EP 16. Minimal Viable Planning for Challenging Times

In this episode, I share what Minimal Viable Planning (MVP) is, and how you can put a plan in place for challenging times. 

MVP came up in a recent client session and is also something we do as a family when life gets a bit wild. This practice can be extremely helpful for overcoming overwhelm when you need it most!

You will also learn about:

  • How to choose the critical things you NEED to get done 

  • Why setting a date/time range for your MVP is crucial

  • How to communicate your MVP to the people it will affect 

  • The importance of boundaries during your MVP period

  • How MVP can become a natural way of life

  • Three mindset reminders to help you execute your MVP

I’d love to know if you decide to implement this practice, and if it’s helpful for you when life becomes challenging. Send me a message on Instagram or LinkedIn.

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