EP 32. Becoming ELITE with Brittany Wilde

This week I am joined by Brittany Wilde, a seasoned Brain Health Practitioner, High Performance Coach, and Strength & Conditioning Coach with over 15 years of experience. Brittany shares the journey that has shaped her into the expert she is today, including the pivotal moments, challenges, and insights that led her to work with individuals using applied neuroscience.

Brittany opens up about how high-performance living has transformed her life, providing concrete examples and actionable recommendations that you can apply to your daily routine. 

You will learn about:

  • What it truly means to be elite and living a high-performance life 
  • How this way of living can help those grappling with overwhelm, burnout, and self-doubt
  • The signs and signals that indicate a need for change
  • Ways you can be more purpose-driven and achieve higher levels of fulfilment 
  • Valuable insights into aligning with your vision and goals
  • Brittany’s tops tips to kickstart your transformation towards a high-performance life


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Connect with Brittany:
Website: brittanywilde.com and theelitemind.co 
Instagram: @iambrittanywilde

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