EP 36. From Team Member to People Leader with Jacob Lawrie

In this episode, I sit down with Jacob Lawrie, a marketing, brand, and people leader who shares openly about his career journey and the transition from being a team member to a leader. 

Jacob currently leads Marketing at Projectworks, a software startup that serves the professional services industry. Prior to that he's held a combination of strategic, people, and functional leadership positions across marketing & design. He describes himself as an accidental marketer, but his desire to solve problems, connect meaningfully with people and to grow is what keeps him there.

If you’re navigating your career path towards a leadership role, or seeking to enhance your leadership skills, this episode will provide you with valuable insights and practical advice. 

You will learn about:

  • Jacob’s background in marketing, brand management, and people leadership
  • The fundamental factors that shaped his career path
  • Observations and reflections on transitioning into a leadership role
  • What key skills and qualities are required for professionals making this transition
  • The most rewarding aspects of stepping up into leadership
  • Why building a support network is so important
  • Jacob's additional tips and advice for aspiring or current leaders


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LinkedIn:  Jacob Lawrie

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