EP 46. Taking Charge of Your Career with Richard Westney

This week, I am joined by Richard Westney, a seasoned HR professional with over twenty years of experience.

We discuss the importance of mentorship in career development, when and how professionals should seek out mentors, how you can take ownership of your career path, and more.

Richard shares insights from his extensive career journey, which includes working with a diverse range of industries and roles across multiple countries. You’ll get his top tips for how to proactively manage your career trajectory and leverage mentorship as a tool for growth and advancement, as well as gain practical strategies for initiating mentorship connections, whether within or outside your current workplace.

In this episode you will also learn:

  • What mentorship is and how it empowers career growth
  • The foundations of a successful mentoring relationship
  • How to seek out the right mentorships for you
  • What impact talent development programs have on organisations
  • Why it’s important to advocate for your development needs within the workplace


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