EP 50. True Self-Acceptance and Power with Mary Haddock-Staniland

This week I am sitting down with someone who I have wanted to speak with since deciding to launch the podcast – Mary Haddock-Staniland, a globally recognised Diversity & Inclusion Executive, keynote speaker, and thought leader.

Mary shares her compelling journey as a trans woman who has overcome numerous challenges to become a leading advocate for equity and inclusion.

She offers profound insights into what it means to be truly authentic and self-accepting, both personally and professionally.

By tuning into this episode, you will gain valuable perspectives on how to foster inclusive environments and lead with empathy and authenticity.

In this episode you will also learn:

  • What the true meaning of inclusion is and what it takes to be seen and heard for who you genuinely are
  • Discover the signs of living an inauthentic life and the emotional and psychological impacts it can have
  • Strategies to help you embrace your true self and cultivate internal self-acceptance
  • Insights into the critical actions leaders must take to build truly inclusive and accepting workplace cultures
  • Hear Mary’s top three recommendations for stepping into authenticity and self-acceptance, so you can make meaningful changes in your life

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