EP 51. 10 Insights from 1 Year of the Podcast & What You Can Learn Too

In this episode, I reflect on a full year of podcasting, sharing valuable lessons learned along the way.

I talk about doubt, vulnerability, ego, self-worth, success, perfectionism, creativity and feedback, and explore how taking on the challenge of the podcast connects back to leadership. 

The insights I share in today’s episode can help you navigate your own creative or professional projects, and hopefully also inspire you to be brave and curious in trying new things too.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to embrace the beginning “messiness”, and what practising will lead to
  • How to overcome self-doubt when you step outside of your comfort zone
  • What can happen when you’re vulnerable and share honestly with your audience
  • How to avoid ego and make sure you are giving value to others
  • Why striving for perfectionism often hinders progress
  • How your creativity and ideation can grow when you explore new topics
  • The importance of sharing with joy and seeking feedback to improve

It takes courage to embrace new experiences, or any new endeavour you undertake – the initial stages are tough and intimidating, but this often signifies that the effort is worthwhile. 

This podcast has kept me curious, constantly researching, and practising what I’ve learnt, which helps me add value to your careers, confidence, and leadership.

I’d love to know what you took away from this episode, so send me a message!

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