Confidently Thriving bridges the gap between technical expertise and the human skills essential for leadership confidence and performance.

Designed for both established professionals and emerging leaders, this program equips participants with powerful and practical skills that leads to increased productivity, strategic thinking, and a resilient, engaging team culture.

One of the biggest gaps I experienced (and others do to) is that throughout our careers we are not prepared with the skills needed to thrive in a meaningful career and full life with clarity, confidence and energy.

We have all of the technical skills, capability and work ethic, but it’s the deeper and more powerful human skills that often hold us back from excelling at a whole new level.

The skills that help us show up as a Leader, build courage, and create impact.

In Confidently Thriving you will walk away with the ability to:

  • Create and embody a solid leadership mindset and identity so that you can stand firm in your decisions and inspire a team with unwavering confidence and clarity of vision.

  • Cultivate trust, respect, and a connection to a bigger why so that you can create deeper relationships, foster a sense of shared purpose, and ignite a collective passion that drives everyone to excel.

  • Coach, empower, and navigate feedback and courageous conversations to be able to elevate your colleagues and team's performance, encouraging autonomy while confidently addressing challenges head-on.

  • Develop strong energy management, emotional regulation, and boundaries so that you can lead from a place of strength and composure even in the face of adversity.

  • Strategically plan and take action that creates results, success, and credibility, while also learning how to course correct when you hit obstacles with curiosity and without losing face.

If you want to expand without the sacrifice, excel without the burnout, and succeed without the overwhelm then Confidently Thriving is for you. 

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Testimonials from Confidently Thriving’s Companion Programme, Thriving New Professionals:

I think the TNP course is excellent! I found all of the content to be really useful and perfectly aligned to where I'm at in my early career journey. I found the format of TNP to be well structured, I really enjoyed working through the content and modules independently and then coming back as a cohort to reflect and dive deeper into the topic as a group.

Thank you Tash! I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to participate in TNP, I've learnt so much on this 6 week journey and I'm really excited to continue putting these learnings into my every day practice! I honestly this training has been a real game changer for me!"

Izzy - Government Organisation

“I wanted to reach out and express how grateful I am for the experience of participating in your Thriving New Professionals course!

As a semi-newbie in my career I found the content extremely relatable and useful to my workplace settings. Often it can be daunting and at times constraining being so early in your career, but this programme really lifted my confidence and allowed me to change my perspective. Aroha Mai. You are a great facilitator who created a very safe environment to express fears and be heard."

Sarah - Government Organisation

“The TNP Programme in hindsight was one experience I cannot be more grateful for. The biggest take
away I took from this was rediscovering myself and releasing all these experiences that I had bottled up.  Although there is still some areas for myself to improve on, thanks to Tash, I will continue to improve myself.

Often times we can get caught up with this whole corporate rat race that we want to impress everyone to get to the top, but forget that we need to take care of ourselves first and foremost.  The TNP programme will help you understand the basics of a solid foundation in whatever the path you may take for your career, so you may never end up questioning down the line whether this is still right pathway for you or worse “burnt out”.

These are obviously not avoidable, but with this programme at least you will have a better approach if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

From this programme I have noticed a shift and change in myself, as I believe in myself more and less questioning and doubting myself. It is also nice if you get to do this in a group as I did, becausethe same questions/topic have different impact on individuals. If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to take the TNP Programme, take it! The only loss here will be you not taking up the opportunity.”

Sateki - Government Organisation

The Confidently Thriving Difference

Hi, I’m Tash Pieterse. An Internationally Certified Mindset and Leadership Coach with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management majoring in Human Resources and Strategic Management, and a Diploma in Positive Psychology.

In addition to University - I have a 13+ year corporate career in Human Resources that spanned across public, private and membership organisations. I have also built a thriving coaching practice since 2019.

Not only from my own overwhelming, terrifying and completely under prepared experience stepping from the university lecture theatre into the corporate world - I have been coaching professionals and seeing the ongoing and lasting impacts of not starting a career with the solid foundations to thrive.

I have taken everything from my career and what I’ve learned coaching my private clients and pulled it together into this practical, transformational and results driven coaching programme.

I believe every single individual has absolutely everything they need to succeed in whatever they choose to do - it’s my mission and job to help them uncover it and step fully into it.

Confidently Thriving is designed to empower individuals to step into their own confidence, clarity, courage and growth and build a career that is meaningful to them and that supports companies in delivering great services.

I am here to see people thrive and I won’t stop until every new professional receives the tools to do exactly that.

You absolutely can be the leader who has all the foundational tools to thrive as the best version of yourself!






I cannot wait to see your name on this list. I am so excited to get the opportunity to help you in your career.