EP 21. The Power and Impact of Self Talk with Kate Billing

In this episode, I talk with the amazing Kate Billing from Blacksmith, on harnessing your self-talk for success.

Kate is one of New Zealand's leading voices on gender/age equity and leadership development. Her work focuses on growing leadership capacity to meet the challenges and opportunities of the new reality of life and work.

We have an incredible discussion on the power of self-talk, and dive into some other really deep topics that are having an effect on our mindset and overall health, such as the rise in technology and pressure to keep up.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The role self-talk has played in Kate’s career 

  • What self-talk actually is and the impact it has on us

  • Why it’s important to be intentional with your self-talk

  • Signs that your self-talk might be impacting your ability to expand

  • Why our self-talk as a society has become more and more negative

  • Kate’s top tips for redirecting your self-talk to a healthier, happier place

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