EP 30. The 5 Essential Skills Professionals Need to Be Successful

In today's episode I'm diving into the essential skills that professionals need to thrive – a topic that's close to my heart after noticing a common gap in professional development during my 1:1 coaching sessions with seasoned leaders.

Specifically the oversight of crucial human skills like mindset, courageous conversations, energy management and more.

I am also going to share information on my new programme ‘Confidently Thriving’, which I created to bridge the gap by equipping established professionals like you with the skills needed for a truly fulfilling career and life. 

You will learn about:

  • The current gap in professional development
  • How to create a leadership mindset
  • What it means to cultivate trust, respect & a bigger WHY
  • What skills are needed to elevate team performance
  • The importance of addressing challenges with courage & autonomy
  • How to maintain well-being & focus
  • What impact emotional regulation & strong boundaries have
  • The role of strategic thinking & the art of influencing

Which skill do you feel needs to be the focus point in your career? I’d love to know!

If you want to work with me to build, take practical action, and expand your career with these five essential skills, then make sure to join the Confidently Thriving interest list. Information is going to be going to out this week and registrations will be open.

This is going to be the best programme for you step up and lead in your career whether you’re a specialised expert or moving into people leadership. Join the list here.

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