EP 31. A Solid Mindset - Essential Skill #1 for Professionals

Are you looking to expand in your career without succumbing to stress and overwhelm? This week I’m talking about the first essential skill to cultivate for professionals seeking growth without sacrifice – a solid and curious mindset.

This episode is the start of a mini series on essential skills, so make sure you tune into the other upcoming episodes where I dive into more valuable practices.

Today you will learn about:

  • Why mindset is an essential skill
  • The tole an unexamined mindset may take on you
  • What makes up a solid & curious mindset
  • The difference between a fixed & growth mindset
  • How to lay the foundation for self-trust, empowered relationships & more
  • How to start building a robust mindset


What did you take away from this episode and how will you start being more curious and open to learning from diverse sources? I’d love to know! 

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Resources Mentioned:
Ep6 - Busting Leadership Myths & Embracing Your Inner Leader
Ep27 - Strategically Plan for Clarity, Confidence & Energy
[Book] ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck

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