EP 38. Dealing with 'Difficult' People

This week I dive deep into the often-avoided territory of dealing with “difficult” people and situations. Inspired by a poignant message from a podcast listener, I share why addressing these challenges is crucial, especially as you climb the professional ladder.

I dissect what makes these interactions feel difficult, and explore how you can approach courageous conversations so that you can move from discomfort to growth, ultimately paving the way for greater understanding and collaboration at work and in life.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What makes people or situations difficult / where it stems from
  • What drives avoidance of courageous conversations
  • How to distinguish between genuine problems and differences
  • Actionable strategies for tackling challenging interactions
  • Ways to foster authentic communication and understanding
  • What builds unity and serves as a foundation for collaboration
  • Mindset reminders that will help you emerge stronger when facing discomfort


If you know that your mindset is blocking you from dealing with difficult situations or people, and having courageous conversations, please reach out. I can help you move through those barriers with 1:1 Coaching. Feel free to get in touch with me via Instagram or LinkedIn.

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Resources Mentioned:
EP34 - The Coaching Approach; Essential Skill #3 for Professionals
EP35 - Cultivating Strategic Thinking; Essential Skill #4 for Professionals

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