EP 35. Cultivating Strategic Thinking - Essential Skill #4 for Professionals

This week, I cover the fourth essential skill that professionals need for career growth and success – strategic thinking. This was key for me to step into senior roles and people leadership roles, and gave me the ability to think bigger than the immediate tasks. Strategic thinking also helped me to connect how things fit together, and ultimately deliver on a goal that was further in the future.

I am share with you the key traits of strategic thinkers and practical strategies for developing these skills, whilst also offering you actionable guidance that will help you navigate your career path more effectively.

The final episode in the mini series on essential skills for professionals will conclude on 27th March, so make sure you also come back for that one.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why strategic thinking and decision-making are vital for for career advancement and success
  • What strategic thinkers do differently – 8 key traits
  • How you can practice key strategic thinking traits in daily activities
  • Ways to implement weekly planning for intentional time management
  • What it means to foster curiosity and a growth mindset
  • The benefits of shadowing proficient strategic thinkers
  • Why it's important to proactively create opportunities for growth and development


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