EP 49. 5 Must Do's to Taking Your Next Career Step

This week I share five essential steps to take before making your next career move, with an emphasis on being intentional in your decision-making and understanding your strengths and gaps.

Becoming an effective leader involves assessing your readiness, developing your value pitch, outlining an action plan, and networking to build your personal brand. Networking and personal branding are key to unlocking more career opportunities and showcasing how you want to be seen and known. I dive into all of this in the episode, and introduce a really great quiz that you can take to assess if you’re ready to step into a leadership role.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Five essential steps to take before making your next career move
  • Why leadership should be an intentional choice, not an accidental movement
  • How to cultivate necessary skills for leadership
  • The importance of considering how you want to be known as a leader and the impact you want to have on others
  • How you can unlock more career opportunities through networking and personal branding
  • How to intentionally showcase your desired image, build awareness, authority, and credibility


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Resources Mentioned:
EP3 - Unleash Your Awesome by Using Your Strengths with Daria Williamson
EP47 - How to Stand Out From Everyone Else
What's Your Leadership Style? Quiz

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